How LED lighting can save your business money…

LED lighting is more efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly than traditional light sources which are often still deployed in businesses – with the potential financial savings on offer, upgrading your systems to LED is a ‘win-win’ for all involved.

It’s not just in your company’s financial interest to do so, legislation is rapidly evolving to prohibit the production of numerous fluorescent lamps. If you are using any of these across your premises, the time to act is now.

In the spring of 2022, the European Commission updated the ‘RoHS’ directive to further clamp down on the use and production of mercury in lamps – directly relating to fluorescent lamps. Exemptions did apply for certain lamps, but further amendments have led to the ban now extending beyond its original remit. Production of numerous fluorescent lamps is now prohibited, with a gradual, but total, phase-out of unsustainable light sources the ultimate goal.

Marketing T8 & T5 fluorescent lamps is now banned, with compact fluorescent lamps with plug-in bases likely to be phased out starting February 2025. Manufacturers are understandably adjusting their production lines, withdrawing from the fluorescent market altogether in some cases.

Put simply, the continued use of fluorescent lamps in your business is entirely unsustainable.

Organisations are left with two choices..

Stockpile fluorescent products now, or invest in modern low-energy light sources.

We are able to help with both – sourcing appropriate legacy fluorescent lamps or planning for the transition to more energy-efficient light fittings.

Despite this choice, there are various convincing reasons why many businesses are not hesitating to make the upgrade now. Potential financial savings from LED lighting are significant, especially with the volatile geopolitical landscape causing unpredictable and violent spikes in energy prices.

Efficient lights can save roughly 50% to 80% in energy costs, which for electricity-hungry businesses can equal a vast amount of money. Easily outweighing any relatively modest investment in the installation.

Not forgetting the environmental benefits, which are increasingly important in terms of how your organisation is perceived by the public. An LED panel/bulb can also last up to 25 times longer than more traditional light sources, meaning maintenance is far simpler and cheaper.

Considering the pace of change in relevant legislation, a full ban on many of the light sources used in businesses today is only a matter of time. Why delay the inevitable, whilst wasting money on unnecessary energy costs at the same time?

Engage with a professional contractor, like J Brand, and explore your LED options, including a potential payback time on the initial investment. We have a proven track record, across a number of industries. Whatever shape or size of your organisation, we are fully equipped to install the latest lighting technology.

Speak to one of our qualified engineers for an initial discussion today. You will be pleasantly surprised.