Care Messenger
Care Messenger

Care Messenger

 Care Messenger TV makes keeping in touch easy for housing providers, carers, and family members, using familiar technology everyone can cope with. Our unique system allows you to send text, image, or video messages from a mobile device or computer, straight to a television screen overlaying the content so messages can’t be missed! And the person getting the message can send a simple response back using their familiar television remote control.

Why Care Messenger?

Care Messenger┬« is the ideal communication platform to address social isolation, loneliness, and digital exclusion among the elderly and vulnerable. It was created – and is now embedded in LG TVs – as a response to seven scientific facts (ONS, Ofcom and independent research).

  • FACT 01 – The majority of the elderly and vulnerable population don’t use a tablet, smartphone or laptop; don’t have internet, a Facebook account, or an email address.
  • FACT 02 – Elderly people are typically resistant to learning new things, particularly new tech.
  • FACT 03 – A loss of dexterity and reduced motor-coordination makes it difficult for them to work with smaller mobile devices.
  • FACT 04 – Tremors, arthritis and decreased blood flow makes using touch-screen devices difficult and less responsive.
  • FACT 05 – Poorer eyesight (a common feature of ageing) means they struggle with the small
    print and graphics on mobile devices even when enlarged.
  • FACT 06 – As longevity has increased dramatically and average life expectancy has rocketed
    to 80-90, this profile of the elderly is set to persist for 15-20 years presenting digital communication challenges for hospital or social care services and families.
  • FACT 07 -The elderly demographic are very comfortable and familiar with a TV and
    remote and spend more time with the TV than any other demographic.

Care Messenger for housing schemes, care providers, and families

  • Adds to security and residents’ community involvement
  • Addresses social isolation and loneliness -a lifeline for the elderly in a COVID world
  • Increases customer communication efficiency for landlords and care organisations
  • Functions as a Virtual Community Manager – wardens can keep in touch across multiple schemes
  • Connects families near and far with their elderly loved ones
  • Carers can send daily wellbeing messages
  • Communicate updates on carer visits directly with residents
  • A more efficient way of delivering surveys and increasing customer feedback
  • Direct and reliable platform for rent reminders, account statements, compliance etc
  • Save on abortive calls by advance messaging residents about repairs
  • Send messages to all residents or in customised groups
  • Send news bulletins and announcements or videos to improve tenant engagement
  • Send NHS approved short videos about medical conditions and chronic diseases
  • Staff and family members can download our free app from the Apple or Android stores, use our management web-based dashboard, or easily integrate with our API to link to their own systems.

Care Messenger Promo 2021

Former BBC presenter of Tomorrow's World, Michael Rodd interviewing elderly user

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